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btr fanfic numero dos - unlocked post

This one was also a prompt on btr_fluff_meme

Prompt: Although it sounds creepy, when they get to LA, Carlos makes a habit of waking up early to peek in Kendall and Logan's room and watch them sleep curled around each other. The pressures of the city can really weigh down on them all, and Carlos just...feels relaxed,peaceful, when he sees how attached the two are. It's the only time when Carlos isn't making jokes or running around, when everything is quiet and he doesn't have to worry about the band or their career or his own personal problems. Bonus if one morning, James happens to be up and catches sight of Carlos leaning against the door-frame watching their bandmates, and instead of asking questions, just puts a hand on Carlos' back and stays with him.

Title: Tranquility

Rating: PG

Pairing: Kendall/Logan, hinted preslash Carlos/James

Author: vengeful_memory aka Jessica <3

Disclaimer: I don't own the boys or the plot. Enjoy anon! :)

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I'm really nervous about this one. I feel like my whole writing style actually changed to fit the prompt a bit. I hope it was okay :/ I really wanted to cover every area of the prompt you gave me, anon. I'm so sorry if it wasn't great :/
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Btr fanfic numero uno! - unlocked post

This ficclet is based off of a prompt I saw at btr_fluff_meme

Prompt: Kendall and Logan make hand turkeys. If they are older or younger is up to you - I really can't decide which is cuter.

Title: Hand Turkeys

Rating: PG for boy kissing

Pairing: Logan/Kendall

Author: vengeful_memory aka Jessica =]

Disclaimer: I do not own the boys or the prompt, just filling it =] Hope its okay, anon!<3

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There you go, anon on btr_fluff_meme I hope it was up to your standards! :)

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Friends Only

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Hey guys, this is my new journal! You might know me from chatty_one ---> seed_inyou ----> vengeful_memory =]

Add me if you'd like. I pretty much love everyone. Just please be sure to leave a comment because honestly, I don't check my own userinfo page that much. Thank you.

Oh, and my writing journal is dirty_desiresx if you are interested in reading my fanfics ^^

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